“My System” by Aron Nimzowitsch
For sure this book finally marked a new era in chess but in 1927 many author’s ideas seemed to be incorrect and doubtful. Nimzowitsch tried to express his method of study of chess, his philosophy of the game. All these techniques are organically included in modern chess. In the review we also tried to analyse reasons which prevented him to become a world champion.

“Zurich International Tournament” by David Bronstein

On our opininion it is the most interesting book about chess ever written. The author describes events and the atmosphere of certainly one of the strongest tournaments of the 20th century with many unique pictures included.

“The Road to the Top” by Paul Keres

It is fully autobiographical book by one of the best chess players of the previous century. During his career Paul Keres had a positive score with entire chess elite. The greatest benefit of this book will find chess players with dynamic style piece play.

“Chess Fundamentals” by Jose Raul Capablanca

The author had a huge task – to tell about chess fundamentals. But apparently, it is so difficult that in this little book can not cover all aspects of the game. We believe that the the most instructive part of the book is endgame principles. Over the past 100 years they didn’t chage much.