Best chess documentary videos

That`s an old movie. Mr Fischer shares his various views about chess in Soviet Union at The Dick Cavett Show in the summer of 1971.

Where are you live now? You just fall of chess.

Robert Fischer answer: Right, I live everywhere, in hotels.

What is the money in chess?

The money, you know, could be better. It`s not like you getting:)

Maybe :), you see, I have a contract. Why is the Russians dominate in chess world?

It is subsidized by the government there, not all players, but professionals. So they keep bottom. We have a lot of talented players this country (United States), but for one reason no one of them is fade out, loose interest, much incentive.

And you made a strong charges a couple of times, involving them… cheating, I thinks it`s a correct word. What is the subjects for that?

One tournament I played back in 1962, specific what I was talking about, they prearranged games by themselves to eliminate me.

How did they prearrange it? Some strategy? Is that legal?

No, it is against the rules. But it was.

Is chess a gift, could a guy that doesn`t have a gift learn and could be great chess player?

Great no. It could be good. The top players are talented. It seems to me in, you should have a talent, but the guys who reach the top, keep bottom, they have a character, they are not distracted by other things in live, until they got the title, or whatever they want.

What is the moment of pleasure for you? When you see somebody in trouble? What is the greatest pleasure?

When I see he is finished.

That`s how mr. Kasparov can impress his opponent. Non-chess tricks.

Two top US grandmasters, Maxim Dlugy and Hikaru Nakamura, playing in a one minute blitz game after the national Championship. That was a great show, very fast moves!